City of Grand Prairie Acknowledged for Clean Air Efforts in N. Texas

The City of Grand Prairie received the award for outstanding advertising, as well as the Arlo Ambassador Award. Grand Prairie promoted the Air North Texas campaign throughout the year via the official city social media accounts. Posts were tagged with the #AirNTX hashtag, and the content included tips on clean air, high ozone level alerts, and Clean Air Action Day participation. Additionally, Air North Texas messages and advertisements were featured in several city newsletter editions throughout the year

Grand Prairie also earned the Arlo Ambassador Award for its efforts to advance the Air North Texas message through campaign mascot Arlo the Armadillo. For example, the Environmental Quality staff purchased a 2020 Chevy Bolt to reduce emissions and wrapped it with a “Plugged into the Prairie” graphic design that featured Arlo.

Finally, The City of Dallas received the award for the outstanding initiative. Dallas hosted a virtual Clean Air Action Day celebration, which focused on renewable energy and provided opportunities for communities to participate in and benefit from renewable energy strategies. Dallas also participated in a city-wide event called Branch Out Dallas, which distributed over 2,000 free trees to residents.

Air North Texas is a regional public awareness campaign that includes 38 partnerships pursuing environmental awareness in North Texas. It was formed by the North Central Texas Council of Governments with support of the Air North Texas Coalition. Partners support the campaign by encouraging residents to commit to actions that improve air quality, such as working from home, bicycling, or walking to the store and packing a lunch. The COVID-19 pandemic has altered many routines. However, improving air quality remains an important contribution people can make. For more information, visit

Ozone season runs from March through November, but North Texans are encouraged to consider how they can contribute to the effort to improve the air throughout the year. Currently, 10 Dallas-Fort Worth area counties do not meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations for ozone pollution, meaning the region has additional environmental responsibilities. Air North Texas is one of many strategies to improve air quality in the region, calling on entities to enact innovative, individual, collective, and creative changes in North Texas to reduce emissions and create cleaner air.

About Air North Texas:

Grand Prairie is one of several organizations involved with Air North Texas, a regional air quality partnership and general public outreach effort. Air North Texas leverages existing resources and program strengths to offer the public a comprehensive resource for air quality information. Collaborative efforts focus on reducing harmful emissions, protecting public health and welfare, motivating residents to make choices that improve air quality, and preserving the economic vitality of the region. Visit to learn more.

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