March is more than St. Patrick’s Day: March 22 – 25: Part 5 of 6

March is full of lesser-known and even strange “holidays.” Check out my previous articles to see what you may have missed!

March 22:

National Goof Off Day was allegedly created by Monica “Moeller” Dufour from Michigan and her grandfather. Dufour’s granddad was a radio DJ, and when Dufour was around the age of 10, she called into his radio show anonymously, suggesting “Goof-Off Day,” most likely because she had been goofing off. A local newspaper heard the suggestion and Granddad thought that it was a great idea, even though he had no idea who called it in. Dufour confessed the next day, but since an article was already in the paper, National Goof Off Day was born.

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