Ukraine Relief Charity Welcomes Support at Grapevine Main Street Festival

Palm of Hope is a small group of volunteers united by one original goal – supporting kids with life-threatening or incurable diseases in Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. They raise funds to assist children with essential nutrition supplies and critical medical equipment. They are joined by the Ukrainian Cultural Club of Dallas (UCCD) and several churches in this time of extra need.

In this time of incredible hardship, the families they support need more help than ever before. Due to constantly changing circumstances because of the Russia/Ukraine War, they have had to re-focus on how they provide aid. Families are fleeing their homes, which means they need portable equipment. They need to buy power generators, as power outages are becoming increasingly common. In the past, local hospitals and organizations were able to partially cover the families’ needs. Now, their support is uncertain.

Palm of Hope, UCCD, and other volunteers are working around the clock to help their families, but they need some extra help to keep as many families as possible safe.

The 38th Annual Main Street Festival in Grapevine is a popular event featuring entertainment,
craft brew and wine, merchandise, and tennis and pickleball tournaments. This year, the Festival is being held from May 20 to May 22.

Palm of Hope is happy to join with representatives from the Ukrainian Cultural Club of Dallas
and other organizations participating in the Festival, with the mission of gathering monetary
donations (tax receipts available), as well as material donations such as medical equipment
(oxygen systems, bandages, Neosporin, antibiotics, and basically any equipment that a hospital
or clinic can spare), diapers, Pull-Ups, toiletry items for parents, non-perishable food items, and more.

If you have a heart for Ukraine, please stop by their booth with anything you can spare. Palm of
Hope is basically run by 3-4 women across the nation who take packages either directly to
Ukraine themselves or use trusted sources to do so. 100% of anything donated will go to
Ukraine relief.

For more information, visit or

(L-R): Liliana Nedzelska (Art Teacher/Artist), Tanya Czyz, Iryna Shevchuk (UCCD), Elena Mackoway (Palm of Hope)

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