Grapevine Police offering a $10,000 hiring bonus for certified officers

The hiring incentive takes effect July 1, 2022, as an effort to attract qualified, full-time police officers. The program only applies to Texas (TCOLE) licensed peace officers with two years of experience at another Texas law enforcement agency.

Candidates may be allowed to enter the City’s STEP pay schedule at a level of up to six years of experience, putting the salary range between $67,828-$78,519, in addition to the $10,000 bonus and extra incentive pay for higher-level TCOLE certificates. 

The $10,000 hiring bonus is aimed to recruit the most qualified candidates. Grapevine Police also boasts one of the best benefits packages in north Texas, with low-cost health insurance, family and peer support, and wellness programs for employees and their families.

The new Police Officer hiring process is open. The Department website includes a list of qualifications for hire and more on City benefits. Anyone wanting to apply can go to and click on “Apply for a Job” for additional details.

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