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Brief guide of what’s been cancelled, postponed and what’s still going on

According to The Rambler Newspapers, here’s what’s cancelled, what’s been rescheduled and what’s still going on:

We Will Never Forget

Here are some photos from the aftermath of Grapevine’s ceremony this morning at the 9/11 Memorial on NW Highway at Texan Trail. It was obvious that there was an outpouring of love and remembrance. The City of Grapevine has photos of the ceremony on their Facebook Page.

Pearland Connect – September, 2015

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Pearland Connect is the communications vehicle that the City of Pearland is using to keep you informed. We do our best to provide you with the information you want and need and we want to hear from you. We welcome your input via email.
Mayor’s 90th Birthday Celebration

Join the City of Pearland to celebrate Mayor Tom Reid’s 90th Birthday on Monday, Sept. 21 from 4 to 6 p.m at the Pearland Recreation Center & Natatorium located at 4141 Bailey Road. Everyone is invited. The Mayor will be happy to see you! Log on to for more details or to RSVP.
Annual Planning Day Presentation
The City of Pearland Planning Division facilitates the development process in the City, mainly by meeting with developers, property owners, and other interested parties and developing and maintaining short and  long range plans for the growth of the City, in order to create and maintain a desirable land use pattern for an enhanced quality of life for our citizens. Meet division representatives on Thursday, Sept. 24 at 8 a.m. for an update on the City’s Development Processes! Get the latest information on the Development Handbook, Unified Development Code Updates and Platting. Read more here
Bailey Road construction award
Pearland City Council awarded a bid for the construction of the Bailey Road Extension Project to Texas Sterling Construction. The construction award was for $21.3 million of which the City of Pearland will be reimbursed 80 percent of the costs from the State. The reconstruction project will expand the roadway to a 4-lane concrete curb and gutter boulevard with raised medians throughout and dedicated left turn lanes from FM 1128 to Veterans Drive. The extension is expected to open in summer 2017. Read more.
Organize a National Night Out event
National Night Out is the nation’s night out against crime. This year, Texas residents will celebrate the 31st Annual National Night Out on Tuesday, Oct. 6. Every year, Pearland residents come out by the hundreds to join their neighbors at neighborhood block parties all across the city. Residents throughout Pearland and across the nation are asked to turn on their porch lights, lock their doors and spend the evening outside with their neighbors, police officers, firefighters and paramedics. Register your neighborhood block party today.
Operation “Back to School” 
The Pearland Police Department recently conducted an online sting, designated as operation “Back to School,” in an effort to identify and arrest suspects engaged in the online sexual exploitation of juveniles. The operation resulted in the arrest of sixteen (16) adult male suspects and was conducted in conjunction with the Houston Metro Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (HMICAC).

Pearland Connect: August, 2015

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Pearland Connect is the communications vehicle that the City of Pearland is using to keep you informed. We do our best to provide you with the information you want and need and we want to hear from you. We welcome your input via email.

Pearland: Before 518

In partnership with the Pearland Historical Society, the City of Pearland is proud to release Pearland: Before 518, a short documentary that embraces the past and links it with present day Pearland. Through interviews and photographs used in the documentary, viewers see the city transition from a rural farming community to a booming municipality as Pearland residents, leaders and officials recount memories of the City’s beginning. 

City budgeting process continues

 The 2015 – 2016 budgeting process is underway. The budget will be reviewed with City Council through a series of workshops at Pearland City Hall, 3519 Liberty Dr. Pearland, Texas 77581. The schedule of budget-related meetings is online. The budgeting process process begins annually in March with a special City Council work session to provide early budget input.  Before and since that meeting in March, City staff from across the organization has researched and examined their operations and budgets. View the proposed budget along with highlights, helpful links and more.

Pearland Parkway opens

On Aug. 19, the Pearland Parkway extension, from Oiler Drive to Dixie Farm Road, will open for traffic. The project includes a bridge across Cowart’s Creek, a shared path along the north side of the roadway and completes a segment of the Major Thoroughfare Plan providing another route for travel to FM 518 and Beltway 8 from SH 35 and Dixie Farm Road, relieving traffic flow on FM 518.

Can you say #pearlandselfie?

Pearland Selfie Day is Aug. 15. Be sure to use the hashtag #pearlandselfie. We want everyone in Pearland to take selfies around Pearland!

 Take a selfie in front of Pearland landmark, building, house, or whatever comes to mind. Have fun with it and take a selfie in your own creative way. We will repost the selfies on Instagram for individuals who use the hashtag #pearlandselfie. Three years from now, on August 15, 2018, we will ask you to take the same “selfie” in the exact same location. Did you or Pearland change? Read more.

Volunteers needed for Teen Court

Beginning this month, Pearland Municipal Court will be offering a new program for teen offenders. Eligible participants will have the option of attending Teen Court for their Class C Misdemeanor violation(s) where teen volunteers will sit as a jury panel to determine the sentence of the teen violator. Both teen and adult volunteers are needed for this program. Read more here.

Public Budget Meeting Dates Announced


Attend one of the budget meetings to learn more about the City’s proposed 2015 – 2016 budget and how your tax dollars are working for you.

All meetings are held at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall, 3519 Liberty Drive, with the exception of the special meeting on Aug. 17 that will be held at 6 p.m.

Make note that due to the Labor Day holiday, the 2nd public hearing will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 8. and not on the Monday holiday.

Pearland “Selfie” Day August 15

11741064_846999005353640_3002887092580930674_oMark your calendars for Pearland Selfie Day! Pearland continues to grow and is one of the fastest growing cities in America. Our ever growing community seems to change right before our eyes. We challenge you to photograph Pearland and capture those memories in a “selfie!”


A selfie is a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smart-phone or web-cam and shared through social media.

PEARLAND SELFIE DAY is Saturday, August 15. Be sure to use the hashtag #‎pearlandselfie‬.

We want everyone in Pearland to take selfies around Pearland! We would like you to take selfies in front of Pearland landmarks, buildings, houses, landscapes or whatever comes to mind. Please keep it clean. We want people to enjoy and take a selfie in their own creative way. We will repost those on Instagram who use the hashtag #pearlandselfie on this page. Three years from now, on August 15, 2018, we will ask you to take the same “selfie” in the exact same location. Did you or Pearland change?

Public hearings address zoning, thoroughfare issues

Proposed amendments to the Thoroughfare Plan.

Proposed amendments to the Thoroughfare Plan.

Pearland City Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission held two public hearings Monday (July 20).

The first hearing was to discuss amendments to the Unified Development Code (UDC) to require that all automobile related businesses (auto parts, repair, sales, etc.), pawnshops, payday loans companies and gold exchanges obtain approval of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) in the General Business (GB), General Commercial (GC), Neighborhood Services (NS), and Office Professional (OP) zoning districts, as well as amendments to requirements regarding underground utilities.

A Conditional Use Permit allows the City to consider uses which may be essential or desirable, but which are not allowed as a matter of right within a zoning district, through a public hearing process. A conditional use permit can provide flexibility within a zoning ordinance.

Council asked City Staff to study an area that included Pearland Parkway from the northern city limits, just south of Clear Creek to the future connection of Dixie Farm Road to the south.

Zoning districts within the study area range from Planned Developments (PD), including the Stonebridge PD, Lakes of Highland Glen, Pearland’s Marketplace, Center at Pearland Parkway, Oakbrook Estates to conventional zoning district, General Business (GB). Staff identified 13 undeveloped tracts of land within the study area that would permit automobile-related uses by right or with approval of a CUP.

Staff conducted a workshop with City Council in February, and a workshop with Planning and Zoning and a Final Joint Workshop with Council and Planning and Zoning, both in June.

From those workshops, staff concluded that overall changes to the OP, NS,GB and GC zoning designations in the Unified Development Code (UDC) was the most effective way to achieve City Council’s goal and to avoid city-initiated zone changes for specific parcels, which could be viewed as downzoning.

As proposed, no uses which are currently allowed in any of the zones will be eliminated, but will simply involve further review by requiring the approval of a CUP.

Staff recommended the following changes to the UDC in order to achieve Council’s goal: Change all automobile related businesses, pawnshops, payday loan companies, and gold exchanges that are currently permitted outright in either the GB, GC, NS, or OP zones to require approval of a CUP, prior to opening up operations; amend the sections of the UDC that discuss underground utilities to further clarify what needs to be screened, when undergrounding is required, and who is responsible for payment of installation.

Council Members Keith Ordeneaux, Tony Carbone and Gary Moore expressed concerns with staff’s recommendation.

“I feel like we’re changing a whole lot for a small section of Pearland Parkway, but I don’t see any other option presented to us,” said Moore.

Council Members Greg Hill and Derrick Reed were in favor of the plan.

Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman Henry Fuertes said, “Some of those uses wouldn’t fit on some of this land. We’re talking about .3 something acres. You can’t get a gas station on .3 acres. They need to be on corners for traffic flow and such. I don’t know if we have any good corners except on Pearland Parkway that we need to worry about.”

“Parcels of land will have to meet UDC requirements. If the parcels are already platted, they are vested. They do not have to meet 30-foot buffer to neighboring residential land and landscaping requirements. That’s why we thought this would be a good compromise,” said Lata Krishnarao, Director of Community Development.

Mayor Tom Reid ended the discussion, saying, “We need to take every opportunity to upgrade the image of Pearland.”

As this was a public hearing, no action was taken on the matter.

The second hearing was regarding proposed amendments to the City’s Thoroughfare Plan.

The current plan was adopted on March 24, 2014. The proposed Thoroughfare Plan amendment included the following proposed changes: Realignment of the future Westminster Drive connection from Barry Rose Parkway to a connection with Pearland Parkway to provide another access point for the residential subdivision and also allow for access to the proposed commercial development at the corner of Barry Rose Parkway and Pearland Parkway; elimination of a minor collector road between Manvel Road and CR 107 through the proposed Massey Lakes Estates, as it has been determined that the designation is not needed; elimination of both major and minor collectors within the Blackacres development, located at the northwest corner of Main Street and Bailey Road.

Resident Sean Murphy came to the podium during the call for Citizen Comments.

“Speaking for the residents on Westminster, we want it to stay as-is. We believe making another access road to Pearland Parkway will create traffic problem. People already cut down Westminster to Barry Rose, speeding. We don’t want it to go to Pearland Parkway because more traffic will use it to get to 518,” said Murphy.

Carbone pointed out that the previously approved Planned Development (PD) already shows Westminster connecting to Pearland Parkway.

Moore expressed concern with the amendment making the thoroughfare into a straight road. “If it’s a straight road, it’s more likely for people to speed. We supposedly have windy roads to help control speed.”

As this was a public hearing, no action was taken on the matter.

Both issues will continued to be reviewed by staff and Planning and Zoning, and will be on Council’s agenda in the future.

For more information about the City of Pearland, visit

Joint Public Hearings Scheduled for Tonight

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Click HERE for more information.

City Manager takes administration on the road in Pearland

Pearland City Manager Clay Pearson recently announced that he and other members of Staff will be making themselves available to City employees at various locations and times throughout the month of July.

“We are bringing City updates to you via a personal ‘Roadshow’ out and about for City employees during July. You will have opportunity to attend one of five separate appointments of the Pearland City Roadshow where you will hear about our service philosophy, the results of the most recent Citizen Survey and recommendations that we have taken from it, participate in an Employee Engagement Survey, receive an employee healthcare benefit overview and have the opportunity to ask questions,” Pearson wrote in an email to employees.


Photo: Clay Pearson

Pearson said that formal structure doesn’t always provide opportunities for one-on-one communication to understand challenges Pearland faces. “We wanted to find ways to arm employees with information. This idea came out of talks about that,” Pearson said.

“I’ve always emphasized that I want to find opportunities to provide communication both ways with city employees. You see a lot of it corporate America and with City staff, but there are not as many one-on-one or in-person opportunities out there,” Pearson said. “This is one part of our larger internal communication effort. We have done retention interviews with employees identified as top performers to make sure they are satisfied with their jobs and we have also done breakfasts.

“This is like a group town hall effort. The challenge is that we are a big, complex organization that runs 24/7, so it is hard to reach everyone. The Roadshow kicked off last week and we’re going to several different facilities to accommodate employee schedules.

“One of the big features of these Roadshows is presenting a series of topics relevant to our employees. The presenters are subject experts from our City staff, like Cristen Wood [Human resources], Sparkle Anderson [Communications] and [Deputy City Manager] Jon Branson. They will be better able to answer some more specific questions about that area of expertise,” Pearson stated.


Photo: Clay Pearson

Pearson also added that if these Roadshows are well received, that he plans to continue them next year. “But if people aren’t getting anything out of them, we’ll go figure out something else that might work,” he said. “It all depends on the feedback we get, which we encourage, whether good or bad.”

For more information about the City of Pearland, visit


Enter the City of Pearland’s 4th Annual Calendar Photo Contest by sharing your photo that showcases the beauty and uniqueness of Pearland. Everyone is welcome to participate by submitting original photos of Pearland events, people at work or play in our community, scenic or historic places around town, or your favorite snapshot of life in the City.

Photos must be taken in the Pearland city limits within two years of the contest year.  Judges will select calendar photos on the basis of originality, creativity and the quality of reproduction. The winning photos will be used in the City’s Calendar & Annual Report and may be used in other City of Pearland communication pieces and on the City’s Web site.

Entries are limited to six per photographer. All photos must be submitted electronically with an accompanying release form by Friday, Aug. 28. The City of Pearland reserves the right to modify contest rules at any time.

For more information, visit The 2016 Pearland Calendar and Annual Report will be mailed to Pearland residents and made available to the general public in January 2016.