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Local Veteran featured in debut newsletter

One of the friends of the Grapevine Source, Major Eric King, was selected to be the focus of the premier issue of the Brothers in Arms newsletter! Click the link below to download the whole newsletter. You can also find out more about Eric and his non-profit organization by clicking

We are proud of you, Major King!

April Brothers in Arms Newsletter (.pdf) – downloadable

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Grapevine Office Depot to the rescue

My WiFi recently died, and it seemed that it was going to be a complicated fix involving electricians and holes in the garage walls. And I’m a journalist…I NEED connectivity.

With all of the coffee houses, etc. being closed because of COVID, I was not in a good situation. No, I don’t have a hotspot, but after this, maybe I’ll get one.

I called my local Office Depot, located at 1317 State Highway 114 West in Grapevine (Phone number 817.251.0311), and they said I was welcome to come work there in the office furniture section using their WiFi. So, not only did I find a solution to my problem, but I also got to write and take care of everything using an awesome desk and a chair that I LOVED. Maybe when all this is over, I can get me one of those! 🙂

Long story short: THANK YOU to Manager Shane MacFawn and the rest of the the Office Depot staff! Yes, they are open and have many work-at-home solutions. For more information, visit

Office Depot

The Awesome Staff at the Grapevine Office Depot

Grapevine residents bring smiles to their neighborhood with a chalk mural


Jackson (L) and Jonathon (R) Schwartz stand by their mural

Jackson Schwartz, age 8, and his brother Jonathon, age 13, along with their mom, Heather, have created a beautiful mural in chalk on their fence in a neighborhood near Main Street in Grapevine.

The trio got the idea from looking around on the Internet.

“We went on social media and saw that other people were doing it, and a lot of schools [including GCISD] had posted their students’ doing it, so we jumped on board,” Heather said.

The mural is in the style of a quilt, with several squares made into a larger whole. Each boy, along with Mom, provided a square or two.

“I got the idea for my part of the mural from things I like, so I made the baseball one because of all these things happening right now and I’m missing baseball. I made the Texas flag just to represent our state,” said Jonathon.

Jackson explained that, “I made the USA one because I like USA stuff, and I made the fade one because I like fade art.”


Close-up of the mural

“I did the peace sign at the bottom,” Heather said. “I did the rainbow one too. I wanted something bright. We put ‘This too shall pass’ because I’ve been saying it over and over. I haven’t been working for a week, and we’re home. We’re fine, so we are trying to find the positives now, and this WILL pass. I don’t doubt that.”

Let’s take a note from the Schwartz’s’ lovely gesture and remember that we are all here to help each other, whether it be with an encouraging mural, volunteering to help others or just plain, simple daily kindness. We can all get through this strange time knowing that our community cares.

Arlington police staff offer to adopt newborn baby boy found abandoned near dumpster

Author: Eric Alvarez

ARLINGTON, Texas — At least one Arlington police officer and multiple detectives have said they want to adopt a newborn baby boy found abandoned near a dumpster Saturday morning.

A neighbor who was taking out the trash heard the boy crying inside a closed suitcase near the dumpster of the Monterra Pointe Apartments Saturday morning. The baby is currently recovering at Medical Center Arlington.

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