Grapevine Office Depot to the rescue

My WiFi recently died, and it seemed that it was going to be a complicated fix involving electricians and holes in the garage walls. And I’m a journalist…I NEED connectivity.

With all of the coffee houses, etc. being closed because of COVID, I was not in a good situation. No, I don’t have a hotspot, but after this, maybe I’ll get one.

I called my local Office Depot, located at 1317 State Highway 114 West in Grapevine (Phone number 817.251.0311), and they said I was welcome to come work there in the office furniture section using their WiFi. So, not only did I find a solution to my problem, but I also got to write and take care of everything using an awesome desk and a chair that I LOVED. Maybe when all this is over, I can get me one of those! 🙂

Long story short: THANK YOU to Manager Shane MacFawn and the rest of the the Office Depot staff! Yes, they are open and have many work-at-home solutions. For more information, visit

Office Depot

The Awesome Staff at the Grapevine Office Depot

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