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SCAM ALERT: Tracking you with Apple AirTags – Cyber experts give safety tips, break down stalking risk

ST. LOUIS — Apple’s newest product, the Apple AirTags, has been making headlines since its launch.

People can stick the little plastic discs onto everyday items to track things you may commonly lose – like your keys.

But the worry is that bad actors could be using the tags to track you.

5 On Your Side’s Sydney Stallworth talked to tech experts about the risks and how you can protect yourself.


Nationally recognized model, Brooks Nader, shared that she had a scary experience after someone planted an Apple AirTag on her person without her knowledge.

“When I was almost home, I got this notification on my home screen that popped up saying that I was being tracked and I had been for a while now… which is basically when I knew something wasn’t right,” Nader said in an interview shared with NBC.

People have taken to social media to share their stories, finding Apple Air tags slipped into their coats, onto their cars, and in bags.

We met with Brad Butler, chief technology officer with Acropolis Tech.

“As any new technology comes out, there are going to be people that will misuse it or use it for nefarious purposes,” Butler said.

Tech experts say the risk of being targeted is slim. But, it’s important to know how the AirTags work to understand how they can be misused. It all starts with Apple’s “Find My” network.

“If you had an iPhone or a MAC computer or air pods, they communicate over Bluetooth to any Apple device anywhere. [The Find My network] was a feature that was turned on by default. So, as Apple users, we didn’t go in and elect to be part of that Apple Find My network. It was just turned on. That’s where it starts. Then, when the AirTag is released, [it] utilizes that Find My network in the 728 million iPhones that are out in the world,” Butler explained.

Because so many people across the country use iPhones, the AirTags are able to give the user extremely accurate directions to their tag, with a wider range than devices like the Tile or Samsung Smart Tag.

What should you do if you find an AirTag on you that isn’t yours?

To find out, 5 On Your Side spoke with Tony Brian, the executive director of CyberUp.

He gave the following tips:

  1. Turn off your Bluetooth connection.
  2. Scan the AirTag. The scanning function can give you a serial number that you could provide to law enforcement.
  3. If the prior steps cannot be done, immerse the AirTag in water to stop it from working.

Apple has updated the AirTag system to alert users if there’s an AirTag nearby that doesn’t belong to them.

You will get an alert on your iPhone and the AirTag will sound an alarm. But it could take eight to 24 hours to hear that sound.

Android users may not get notified at all. That’s why you may want to download some apps to scan your phone for any unwanted Bluetooth connections.

“… Apple released an application called “Tracker Detect” that you can get through the Google Play store. If you’re concerned, you can download the app and you can run it, and then it will go out and search for those AirTags around you,” Butler said.

Experts also recommend apps like “Light Blue,” “Bluetooth Scanner,” “Bluetooth Auto Connect” or “Auto Bluetooth.”

You won’t get automatic notifications if a Bluetooth device is nearby. Meaning, you have to run these apps manually. So be vigilant and check them if you feel unsure.

Source: 5 On Your Side

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The New iPhone Security App Protects Your Private Information


If you live in the U.S., you have probably already heard about TotalAV – the popularity of this new app has grown fast amongst iPhone users as more and more people realize their personal data is not as private as it once was.

With mobile phone technology now able to process as much as a desktop computer, many people are trusting their personal and precious information in their phone storage. However, they don’t realize that their data is being shared, and insecure phone devices make them an easier target for cybercriminals.

This year, hackers stole personal data every 39 seconds, with victims of fraud losing on average of $10,000 each. This is set to rise through 2021. 

That’s where TotalAV comes in. 

TotalAV has long protected internet users with enterprise-level technology, and with the recent increases in mobile fraud, they have produced a full-featured protection suite for iPhone which is now available to the public for only $3!!! 

The app will protect your iPhone by adding an additional security layer between you and the web. This layer will encrypt your private information, prevent your data from being harvested, and protect you from identity theft.

In addition to this, TotalAV has also included a built-in function to clear up your device by removing unwanted codeswiping your browser history, and creating additional RAM space to ‘declutter’ the system.

  • At risk of identity theft?  No problem! The app will mask all of your online traffic so your personal information stays private.
  • Concerned about tracking codes and cookies? This app does more than just give your device a thorough cleanup – the tool includes a whole section of features that removes unwanted codes & programs. Not only does this free up more space on your device, but prevents external companies tracking your behavior!
  • Worried about your overall security? The additional network layer provides enhanced security, and will even change your devices IP to keep your information protected.  

With all this included in the package, Its no wonder people are rushing to claim a copy of this incredible app, at the incredible price of $3. This really is the only security product you need. 

TotalAV has long had a reputation for providing users with top-of-the-line computer security, and it is no surprise millions of users have already downloaded their iPhone version.

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Venkat Kalyan Chivukula Announces ‘First Of Its Kind’ Solution For SAP BRFplus Users


Venkat Kalyan Chivukula, a leading technology expert, announced today the development of ‘DSA’, a solution for SAP BRFplus that allows organizations to use SAP BRF plus as their rule engine.DSA enables customers to better manage their SAP and non-SAP systems enhancing and improving the management of the entire landscape.

“DSA is a game-changer,” says Chivukula. “I contributed to the development of DSA with the Mouritech team because of the pain points I heard from my clients who needed a solution that works in non-SAP systems.”

“With DSA, organizations can now effortlessly work in non-SAP systems in their landscape without needing multiple rule engines.”There are no other products like DSA offered in today’s market.”

Mr. Venkat Kalyan Chivukula has been in IT for almost two decades and is an expert in several technologies: ERP’s like SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoftweb technologies: Java, HTML, XML, DotNet.

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Should Texas require hands-free cell phone use while driving? Time to tell your lawmakers


texting 1

Five seconds is the average time your eyes are off the road while texting. At 55 mph, that’s enough time to cover the length of a football field.

Have you noticed how many drivers around you are buried in cell phone use? Now imagine if they were all intoxicated. How safe would you feel?

It’s not a stretch. Motorists on cell phones can mimic drunks with their weaving, unusual and varying speeds, and slow reaction times. The distracted can even be worse than the inebriated: Editors at Car and Driver magazine once tested reaction times and found that they actually braked more quickly while having consumed the legal limit of alcohol than while they were texting.

Worse yet, in a test of over-the-road truckers, a 2009 study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found the risk of collisions went up 23 times when the drivers were texting as opposed to not.

That’s one of many reasons Texas followed many other states in outlawing texting and driving in 2017. And while we will never know the extent of any correlation, road fatalities dropped 4 percent in Texas to 3,567 last year.

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Cops Told ‘Don’t Look’ at New iPhones to Avoid Face ID Lock-Out

By Joseph Cox

As Apple continues to update its iPhones with new security features, law enforcement and other investigators are constantly playing catch-up, trying to find the best way to circumvent the protections or to grab evidence. Last month, Forbes reported the first known instance of a search warrant being used to unlock a suspect’s iPhone X with their own face, leveraging the iPhone X’s Face ID feature.

But Face ID can of course also work against law enforcement—too many failed attempts with the ‘wrong’ face can force the iPhone to request a potentially harder to obtain passcode instead.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 9.19.25 AM

The slide from Elcomsoft’s materials talking about Face ID and the iPhone X. (Image: Motherboard)

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Volkswagen Wants to Move One Million Electric Vehicles Annually by 2025

By James Gilboy


© Andrew Trahan

Volkswagen reportedly aims to sell one million electric vehicles per year by 2025.

Its first step will be to sell 150,000 electric vehicles worldwide in 2020 on its upswing toward a million annually by 2025, as reported by CNET. This rapid growth will supposedly be accomplished using a new electric vehicle-only platform, which Volkswagen calls “MEB.”

MEB is a modular electric vehicle platform designed by Volkswagen, its name a German acronym for what translates as “modular electric toolkit.”

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