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Brazoria County Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force partners with DEA for National Prescription Drug Take Back on April 30


On April 30 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. the Brazoria County Prescription Drug Task Force, of Brazoria County Community Coalition (BCCC) will participate in National Prescription Drug Take Back Day in Brazoria County. The Take Back is hosted in collaboration with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to give the public an opportunity to prevent pill abuse and theft by ridding their homes of potentially dangerous expired, unused, and unwanted prescription drugs. Bring your medications for disposal to one of four locations across Brazoria County:

  • Stella Roberts Recycling Center at 5800 Magnolia in Pearland
  • Reflective Bay Park at Shadow Creek at 12115 S. Clear Lake Loop in Pearland
  • Manvel Police Department at 6615 N Masters (CR 1128) in Manvel
  • Richwood Police Department at 1800 North Brazosport Blvd. in Richwood

The service is free and anonymous, no questions asked. We are not able to accept sharps but all prescription and over-the-counter medications are accepted.

In September 2015, Brazoria County residents turned in 617 pounds of prescription drugs at three sites hosted by BACODA, DEA, and community partners. In all previous Take Back events combined, 7,289 pounds of pills have been collected in Brazoria County alone.

This initiative addresses a vital public safety and public health issue. Medicines that sit unused in home cabinets are highly susceptible to diversion, misuse, and abuse. Rates of prescription drug abuse in the U.S. are alarmingly high, as are the number of accidental poisonings and overdoses due to these drugs. Studies show that a majority of abused prescription drugs are obtained from family and friends, including from the home medicine cabinet. In addition, Americans are now advised that their usual methods for disposing of unused medicines—flushing them down the toilet or throwing them in the trash—both pose potential safety and health hazards.

“We invite residents to help keep our community safe from prescription drug abuse. Take an inventory of the medications in your home and bring any drugs that you no longer need to one of our Take Back locations.” said Coalition Coordinator Dannielle Meyer.

For more information visit www.bacoda.org or call 1-800-510-3111.

Brazoria County Community Coalition is a project of the Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol (BACODA). BACODA is a community-based substance abuse prevention organization that provides sustained leadership and support for the Coalition. BACODA is a United Way Agency.

City awarded grant from National Fire Protection Association


SprinklerThe City of Pearland is a 2016 Bringing Safety Home Grant recipient. The grant is awarded by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), as a part of their nationwide Fire Sprinkler Initiative and will be used by our Community Risk Reduction Division of the Pearland Fire Department to help further public education through their sprinkler vs. flashover demonstration.

The Bringing Safety Home Grant is used throughout the country in order to help further the state’s efforts to advance the acceptance and use of home fire sprinklers and lead to increased sprinkler requirements in new, one- and two-family homes.

According to NFPA, the majority of U.S. fire deaths occur in homes. In 2014, home fires caused more than 2,700 deaths, or 84 percent of all U.S. fire deaths, and injured more than 12,000 people. The life-saving capability of home fire sprinklers is the reason why building codes require sprinklers in all one- and two-family dwellings.

For more information about the lifesaving advantages of fire sprinklers, visit pearlandtx.gov/firesprinklers.

City keeps Pearlanders safe with resident alerts

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 12.15.41 PM


The City of Pearland has migrated to an upgraded version of its Resident Alerts System, which is used to communicate with thousands of businesses and residents within minutes in an emergency.

To sign up to receive alerts, residents should visit pearlandtx.gov/alerts to self-register by providing the contact information they prefer. Messages can be sent to residents on any communication path desired – cell phone, home phone, email, text messaging, fax, pager, PDA and more – ensuring they receive life-saving emergency information and important public service announcements.

Through the system, the City of Pearland is able to alert residents about severe weather, fires, floods, toxic environmental issues and other emergencies. In addition, the City of Pearland uses the system to notify residents who opt in to receive traffic alerts, general city news and more.

“We have a commitment to our residents to protect them from any danger that threatens our community. The ability to reach all residents quickly during an emergency to warn them and provide guidance is critical to upholding that commitment,” said Roland Garcia, Emergency Management Coordinator.

“I encourage everyone to sign up for this service to stay connected and informed,” Garcia continued.

The City encourages every resident to sign up for this free service, in order to remain up-to-date in emergency situations. If a resident has previously subscribed to the system, they are still subscribed; however, they are encouraged to log in and update their information  and subscription preferences.

Sign up or review your account details at pearlandtx.gov/alerts.

City of Pearland launches safe exchange zone initiative


ShowImageThe City of Pearland Police Department has initiated a new program called a Safe Exchange Zone. This initiative attempts to address safety and awareness concerns regarding internet-based purchases from websites such as Craigslist and EBay, as well as the various local Facebook groups, or any other item advertised for sale from an individual, regardless of the source of the advertised sale. While many websites, including those previously mentioned, are very credible and are heavily utilized, their popularity makes them easy targets for criminal activity from online predators. The City of Pearland is now offering a secure location available for Pearland residents to help ensure and enhance their safety and to minimize the opportunity for an encounter to go wrong.

The Safe Exchange Zone initiative provides residents with a safe area for prospective buyers and sellers to meet. The City of Pearland has designated a space in the public parking lot of the Public Safety Building located at 2555 Cullen Parkway, as a Safe Exchange Zone for any type of legitimate exchange residents need – which includes internet-based buyer and seller transactions. The Safe Exchange Zone location is located on the Municipal Court side of the building.

For decades, the police department has informally encouraged the use of the police facility for parents and caregivers who have concerns regarding child custody transfers. The Safe Exchange Zones are available to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Safe Exchange Zone security extends into our police department lobby to provide an even higher layer of security and shelter, which we encourage residents to utilize for buyer and seller transactions.

If you intend to pursue a meeting to purchase or sell an advertised item from any individual you do not know, please be cautious and do not provide personal or financial information. When corresponding with buyers or sellers you are not familiar with, be extra vigilant by electronically disabling all of the location services on your device and do not send digital photographs with embedded global positioning system (GPS) data. This includes disabling the ‘Frequent Locations’ function located in your ‘System Services’ security setting on cellular telephones. Also, ensure the background location and items in the photographs you post or send do not inadvertently reveal personal information, location information or other items, which may attract online predators. Additionally, ask a lot of questions if you decide to meet with a prospective buyer or seller. Do not meet someone you’re not familiar with in a location you’re not familiar with and do not meet them alone. Most importantly, use the City of Pearland Department Safe Exchange Zone to help ensure a safe transaction encounter.

The City of Pearland Police Department works hard to establish and maintain positive interactions with the members of the Pearland community.

Reminder: Fireworks Prohibited

10636573_914905545229652_4455324470834331793_oThe City of Pearland Fire Department would like to remind residents that open burning and the use of fireworks are strictly prohibited within the city limits of Pearland and surrounding Extraterritorial Jurisdiction, which includes all areas normally serviced by the Pearland Fire Department. The use of prohibited fireworks and open burning in these areas is a Class C misdemeanor carrying a fine upto $2000 per violation.

Any questions regarding illegal fireworks or open burning can be directed to Pearland Fire Marshal’s Office at 281.997.4650. To report illegal fireworks incidents, contact Pearland Police Department at 281.997.4316. To report open burning, dial 9-1-1.

For more information, please visit pearlandtx.gov/fireworkadvisory.

*Note: Fireworks are also prohibited in Pearland and Manvel ETJs


Be Safe This Holiday Season!


Tips to travel safely this holiday season

5670567437e56.imageAccording to AAA, nearly 99 million Americans will travel this holiday season. And they’ll be heading to spots such as Orlando, Los Angeles and Cancun, according to Orbitz.com’s 2015 holiday survey.

However, about 20 percent of people suffer some type of illness or injury while on vacation, with the most common ailments including food poisoning, car crashes or skiing accidents. Before you hit the road or take to the skies, consider these tips to make sure your health, safety and wallet are covered while you’re away.

1. Know Before You Go: Before traveling out of your home state or internationally, take time to review your health plan and understand what it covers. People traveling domestically should check if their health plan offers a national or local network of hospitals and health care providers, and confirm what level of coverage is available at out-of-network facilities. If traveling overseas, it is important people contact a primary care provider or travel medicine clinic to determine what pre-screenings or immunizations might be recommended or required, based on their health history and the countries they will visit.

2. Find Care Anywhere: Many health plans now offer telemedicine and mobile apps to support their customers’ health needs. The Health4Me app, available to anyone free of charge on iPhone or Android devices, enables users to identify nearby health care providers, hospitals, pharmacies and urgent care facilities, as well as compare quality and cost information for common medical services. Some health plans offer mobile apps that enable members to access a digital ID card and connect with a registered nurse 24/7. For international trips, contact your global insurance carrier to find out about the availability of approved medical facilities at planned travel destinations.

3. Protection Abroad: People help can alleviate concerns about quality of care and financial anxiety with international medical coverage. Global insurance companies can provide foreign language translation, direct you to appropriate facilities or support evacuation to alternative facilities, and can work with local health care providers to coordinate and monitor care. Most domestic insurance won’t cover prescriptions abroad, so for long vacations ask your care provider for enough medication to cover the duration of the trip (as well as check that specific medications are legal in the countries on the travel itinerary). Some international health plans may include prescription drug coverage that enables people to fill prescriptions at local retail pharmacies.

4. Get Your Credit: Even with international coverage, consider carrying an extra credit card with a large limit to use for unanticipated medical expenses. Foreign hospitals will typically want upfront payment, rather than billing the health plan. Get clear and complete copies of all bills, medical records and discharge notes for reimbursement from your health plan. Some global health plans do provide direct payments to foreign hospitals and care providers, eliminating a potential inconvenience and providing peace of mind.

5. Be A Savvy Senior: Original Medicare in nearly all cases applies to the United States only and does not extend overseas or across the border (other than in cases in the Northern U.S. where the nearest hospital is in Canada). Some Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement plans offer worldwide emergency coverage for foreign travel, although some have restrictions and lifetime limits. Finally, it’s important to check the condition of personal durable medical equipment, such as wheelchairs or assisted-breathing machines, to ensure they’re working properly before departure.

Following these tips will help you focus on fun, friends and family during the holiday season, while helping alleviate stress from health care access or insurance issues during a medical emergency.

Guest Editorial: Playing it safe for the holidays

Written by: Dannielle Meyer, Brazoria County Community Coalition Coordinator, BACODA

BACODAWe’ve all heard of Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, but do you know about “Black Wednesday”? Also known as Blackout Wednesday, it is the day before Thanksgiving and one of the biggest partying nights of the year, especially for underage drinkers.

Underage youth are able to get their hands on alcohol from older friends, siblings, or other family members. The fridge and liquor cabinets are stocked for holiday celebrations and parents are more distracted. Other parents relax their rules around the holidays and allow their kids and friends to drink at home, believing it to be a “safe” environment. According to the National Health Institute, an estimated 10.8 million underage drinkers binge drink on Black Wednesday.

It’s important for parents and all adults to know that providing alcohol to a minor is illegal. In Texas, furnishing alcohol to a minor is a Class A Misdemeanor. This can lead to penalties including up to one year in jail, a $4,000 fine, and a six-month suspension of your driver’s license. Additionally, under the Texas Social Hosting Law, you may be held liable for any damages that occur as a result of providing alcohol to minors or allowing them to drink in your home.

Not only is it illegal to provide alcohol to minors, it is dangerous. The combination of alcohol and young people can lead to many problems. Adding alcohol to celebrations increases the risk of other drug use, unprotected sex, alcohol poisoning, injury, impaired driving, and an increased chance of being a victim of theft, violence, or sexual assault. Underage drinking costs the state of Texas more than six billion dollars a year in health care costs, property damage, and loss of life and potential.

Here are some ways you can have a safe, healthy Thanksgiving holiday:

  • Talk to your teens about the seriousness of underage drinking and set clear rules about no alcohol use.
  • Plan family activities over the holiday weekend or plan to host a safe, alcohol-free party at your house.
  • Make sure your kids know the law and stay in the know about where your kids are.

For more information on how to talk to your kids about underage drinking or to get involved in preventing underage drinking in your community, contact Brazoria County Community Coalition at coalitions@bacoda.org or visit www.bacoda.org.

TxDoT Asking Texans to #EndTheStreak

proxyThe Texas Department of Transportation (TXDot) has released a new campaign hashtag (# on Twitter) to raise awareness of critical information about our roadways in the state of Texas.

November 7, 2015 marked the grim milestone that Texas has gone 15 years straight with daily deaths on the roadways. You read that correctly, at least one person has died every single day since November 7, 2000.

TxDot seeks to raise awareness to end this tragic trend by creating the #EndTheStreakTX campaign. Through the campaign, TxDot wants to not only raise awareness but also educate drivers on the importance of staying alert and paying attention. Through the campaign, anyone who utilizes social media can change their profile pictures to the black image available for download at the links listed on the TxDot website at http://www.txdot.gov/.

Drivers should follow these few safety tips while behind the wheel:

  • Click It or Ticket: Buckling up is one of the best bets to prevent serious injury or death in the event of an accident.
  • Never Drink and Drive: Drunk driving kills. Please get a sober ride home with a friend, family member, Uber, taxi, or even catch a pedicab. Either way, TxDot asks that you designate a driver before taking a sip.
  • Pay Attention: Please put your phones away and avoid any other distractions. If needed, silence your phone to ensure that a text message ding doesn’t make you want to pick it up.
  • Drive the Speed Limit: Follow the posted speed limits and adjust your speed when weather or conditions warrant a slower speed.

Ultimately, the key to driving safely is the drivers themselves. YOU can help #EndTheStreakTX.

Register Your Security Camera and Help Pearland PD Fight Crime

12065913_890536167666590_4978084334421026202_nHelp Pearland Police Department fight crime. With your expressed permission, the police department can access and view security footage, helping to solve crimes and suppress criminal activity. Participating citizens have no obligation to turn over footage and can choose whether or not to give police access to their camera feed. Additionally, you can unregister at any time.

Participants are required to submit their name and location of the device and will only be contacted in the event of a crime near their area. Visit pearlandtx.gov/surveillance to register.