Grapevine PD summer vacation tips

With summer vacations in full swing, we want to reduce the chances of your home being targeted for theft while you’re away. Make a checklist you can cross off in the ten minutes before you leave: 

  • Check that all doors, windows, and gates are locked
  • Ensure your mail and newspapers have been stopped, or that a neighbor is picking them up for you
  • Ask a neighbor or friend to place garbage cans by the curb on regular pickup days, and return them after
  • Utilize things like Nextdoor to meet your neighbors, and notify those you trust when you will be out of town

Remember, Grapevine Police offers free Vacation Checks when you plan to be out of town for more than 24 hours. Just make sure you sign up more than three days in advance. You can register on our website. Go to: and type “vacation check” in the search area.

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