47681246_2256784967666317_4786191145254256640_oGrapevine PD is getting several reports of people falling victim to email scams. In many of the cases, employees THINK they are getting an email from their boss at work.

Just this week, a worker opened an email supposedly from a supervisor, asking the worker to buy $4,000 in gift cards. After sending off the gift card numbers, they learned it was a scam, but their money was already gone, and the gift cards have been cashed.

The victims in these cases genuinely believe the emails are from their boss. This is a crime called spear phishing. Criminals target specific people based on where they work, and pretend to be a coworker.

If you EVER get an email from someone asking for you to spend money, transfer money, or buy gift cards, know it may be a scam. Instead of making a purchase or transferring money, directly call that supervisor to ask questions.

Another red flag is on the “FROM” part of the email. Is the person using the correct work email address? Many of the scammers’ emails originate in other countries, like .lv or .ng and should raise concerns. If you receive an email like this, DO NOT reply or send money. Call and ask questions, and report it to your company’s IT department.

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