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DFW Airport’s Swank New Flagship Lounge Is a Traveler’s Dream, or Yours for $150

There’s a new restaurant and lounge at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, and James Beard-nominated chef Tiffany Derry helped create the menu.

The Flagship Lounge opened this week in Terminal D, not far from other restaurants like the Flying Saucer and a soon-to-open Whataburger. There are four other such airport lounges in the U.S.: Chicago O’Hare, although temporarily closed, Los Angeles International, Miami, and John F. Kennedy in New York.

The lounge sits above the regular terminal space; an elevator ride up one floor sets you out in a stylish lobby where guests are greeted with a glass of chilled champagne.

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American Airlines Offers Some Passengers a Menu of Discounts

For those of you, like me, had gotten really disappointed with most airlines’ baggage costs, American Airlines has adopted a new policy.

Started on Feb. 26, the airline changed its baggage allowance policies so that customers to have a more consistent and transparent booking experience. No more showing up at the airport and being surprised by fees that were not advertised!

These changes include:

  • Premium Economy tickets will include two free checked bags on all routes where American provides their new enhanced travel experience.
  • Main Cabin tickets on all multiple – hour international routes will include one free checked bag.
  • American will be the first airline to offer international travelers to Asia, Oceania, India and Israel a Basic Economy Plus Bag ticket, which provides the low price of a non-changeable fare with a free checked bag.
  • Agencies who use this new distribution capability (NDC) will be able to offer customers new packaged fares and corporate experiences, such as certain seats, bags and privileges together at the time of booking [packaged trip incentives].

So, while this may not apply to everyone, the folks it DOES apply to should have a cheaper, more convenient and quicker experience, from booking a ticket to landing at their destination.

Hopefully soon, American will include a free checked bag or bags in the near future for domestic flights. [HINT, HINT, American!]

DFW International Airport surprisingly empty after COVID-19 developments

If you’ve been to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), you are probably used to long security lines and crowded terminals.

I visited terminals A and C, which are supposed to be the busiest during this time, mainly due to Spring Break. Imagine my surprise when barely a traveler was there to be seen.

I was able to speak to a few passengers, both coming home to DFW and those leaving to visit other cities. As you can imagine, these were the folks who dared to travel during this COVID-19 pandemic.


Traveler Tony Manning, from Detroit, Michigan

Tony Manning, from Detroit, MI, said:

I own a public relations/marketing business for a legal consulting firm, so I am here to do some consulting for a couple of clients. I have not had any problems due to Coronavirus. I flew from Detroit on American, and the flight attendants were so awesome. They tried to go out of their way to make sure we were all comfortable. The planes were pretty empty. My flight from Detroit had maybe 20 people on board [a 737 jet]. I literally had the whole row to myself to stretch out. It was peaceful. It was quiet, and we got here safe. Everybody was wiping down the seats and stuff. No one was coughing. I had been worried about that, so I brought my mask, but I felt like this is probably the cleanest flight I’ve ever been on.

So, instead of hysteria and panic, it seems that people are just staying home, making air travel more pleasant for those that utilize it.


Three travelers taking precautions on their flight home

Ken Hoffman on the surreal ‘ghost flight’ from the U.K. to Houston

By Ken Hoffman

270075_originalThe best part of flying over to England a few weeks ago … was the flight back home to Houston. A whole row — the big one, seats E-F-G-H in the middle — to myself. And nobody within five rows of me. That’s social distancing.

When was the last time you flew on a plane like that? Every flight I take lately is oversold with people bought off to stay behind. But this time, the flight attendant held out a basket of single-serving packs of pretzels and said, “Take all you want.” Now, that’s luxury.

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Travelers stuck in long lines at DFW due to CDC questionnaire and enhanced screening, airport says

(Texas Tribune) – Hundreds of travelers returning from overseas Saturday are complaining about long lines and wait times at DFW Airport.


Passengers coming from Europe wait in long lines at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. (WFAA-TV) (Texas Tribune)

Many are returning following the travel ban announced by President Donald Trump, in which there’s a 30-day suspension of travel between Europe and the United State in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I can see nothing but people for me, for as far as I can see,” said Longview resident Dorothy Lowe, who was returning Saturday from Mexico.

Lowe said she got off the plane at 4 p.m. and was still in line at customs waiting to leave the airport at 7 p.m.

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Risks Rise For Mechanics Union As Fight With Southwest Airlines Goes To Federal Court

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 9.48.48 AM

(National Transportation Safety Board photo via the Associated Press)

Southwest Airlines’ beloved co-founder and former chairman Herb Kelleher has been in his grave for barely two months now, but he surely is spinning like a top within it over the acrimony and dysfunction now spilling out of what he called the Southwest family.

Last week flight cancellations and delays rose by a factor of five or six because of Southwest mechanics’ newly-exercised meticulousness when it comes to finding and fixing – ever-so-slowly – mechanical, structural and electronic issues discovered on many of the airline’s planes. In response, the Dallas-based carrier filed suit against the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association for conducting, allegedly, an illegal job action against the airline.

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It’s official: Southwest tickets to Hawaii are on sale and they’re remarkably cheap

By Dom DiFurio, Breaking Business News Reporter

southwest-airlinesDallas-based Southwest airlines has finally set dates for its initial flights in its long-anticipated Hawaii routes.

The first flights will take off on Mar. 17 and tickets are currently listed for as cheap as $49 one-way. Initially, travelers will have to fly Southwest out of Oakland, but the airline will open additional airport routes in the subsequent months, according to Southwest’s website built specifically for its Hawaii routes.

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Dallas: Construction Underway for 2019 Opening of Braniff Centre

By Adolfo Pesquera


TAC Air FBO at Braniff Centre – Dallas Love Field, Ramp Side rendering by The Gravity Company.

Dallas (Dallas County) – Partial demolition has been underway for several weeks at the former headquarters of Braniff International Airways, in preparation for the $140 million construction of the mixed-use Braniff Centre.

While most of the interior is being gutted, the basic structure of the exterior will be preserved as it is considered historically significant. Braniff began operations at Love Field in 1942 and constructed the landmark facilities between 1955-1958. The airline ceased operations in 1992. It later became the home of DalFort Aerospace, which operated there until 2002.

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