Grapevine Police investigating single vehicle fatality crash


At approximately 2:45 a.m. on Tuesday, August 3, Grapevine Police responded to 9-1-1 calls regarding a vehicle that drove at high speed into a road sign and pillar on the connector from northbound SH-121 to FM-2499.

The first officer on the scene noticed the front end of the car was crushed and ran up to the driver’s side window to render aid. The officer broke the glass to reach the driver and discovered the man behind the wheel was unresponsive and pinned in place. Firefighters arrived on scene and EMTs determined the driver was deceased. He was 25 years old.

The exit from westbound I-635 to northbound SH-121 was closed for approximately three hours while a crash team investigated the accident. No one else was in the car, and no other drivers were hurt.

Traffic investigators determined that the driver continued straight as the road curved, causing the vehicle to crash head-on into the road sign and pillar. The exact cause of the accident remains under investigation.

The medical examiner will release the driver’s name after notifying next of kin.

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