TikTok Trend Could End in Tragedy for Teens

Photo: Twitter

How many “Children of the 80s” remember the prank called, “Ding, Dong, Ditch?” It consisted of going from residence to residence after dark, either ringing the doorbell, knocking on the door, or both, then running away as fast as possible. Classmates’, teachers’, and friends’ houses tended to be the most fun, as the pranksters were usually not far away, observing who came to the door and the reaction that the caper elicited.

That was decades ago, when people usually didn’t answer the door with a weapon close at hand, and pranksters generally didn’t “hit” the same house twice because of the fear of getting busted.

Back then, most kids (of course, there are exceptions) didn’t really want to ever see the inside of a cop car or a jail cell, and they certainly weren’t angling for violence. They wanted something to do that made them giggle, yet was generally harmless.

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