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Astronaut Scott Kelly to Retire from NASA in April


Photo Courtesy of NASA

NASA astronaut and one-year crew member Scott Kelly will retire from the agency, effective April 1. Kelly joined the astronaut corps in 1996 and currently holds the American record for most time spent in space.

After retiring, Kelly will continue to participate in the ongoing research related to his one-year mission. He will provide periodic medical samples and support other testing in much the same way that his twin brother, former astronaut Mark Kelly, made himself available for NASA’s Twins Study during his brother’s mission.

“This year-in-space mission was a profound challenge for all involved, and it gave me a unique perspective and a lot of time to reflect on what my next step should be on our continued journey to help further our capabilities in space and on Earth,” Kelly said. “My career with the Navy and NASA gave me an incredible chance to showcase public service to which I am dedicated, and what we can accomplish on the big challenges of our day. I am humbled and excited by new opportunities for me to support and share the amazing work NASA is doing to help us travel farther into the solar system and work with the next generation of science and technology leaders.”

Kelly flew in space four times, beginning with space shuttle Discovery’s trip to NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope on the STS-103 servicing mission in 1999. On his second mission, STS-118, he crossed the threshold of the International Space Station for the first time as commander of space shuttle Endeavour. He returned to the station for a six-month stay in 2010, commanding Expedition 26.

A veteran of spaceflight, Kelly accepted the opportunity to participate in NASA’s unprecedented yearlong space station mission, which aimed to expand the boundaries of space exploration beyond low-Earth orbit through the collection of critical data on how the human body responds to extended space missions. On this mission, Kelly eclipsed two American space records.

“Records are meant to be broken,” Kelly said. “I am looking forward to when these records in space are surpassed.”

Kelly broke the American record for most cumulative time in space during his one-year mission, accruing 520 days.

“Scott’s contributions to NASA are too many to name,” said Brian Kelly, director of Flight Operations at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. “In his year aboard the space station, he took part in experiments that will have far-reaching effects, helping us pave the way to putting humans on Mars and benefiting life on Earth. His passion for this work has helped give hundreds of thousands of people a better understanding of what NASA does, thanks in part to the numerous photos and updates he shared from space. We appreciate his years of service and anticipate many benefits to come from them, thanks to the research he’s supporting.”

For Kelly’s biography, visit:


Council Delays Subdivision & Reassesses Library Needs

The Pearland City Council held its regular meeting on Monday (March 9) at City Hall, located at 3519 Liberty Dr.

The issue of rezoning approximately 80 acres of land located between Main St. and Old Alvin Rd. to a Planned Development (PD) to be known as Baker’s Landing was brought before Council once again.

This acreage has been on the Agenda at both Council and the Planning and Zoning Committee numerous times over the past six months. A joint public hearing was held on Jan. 5, where both support and opposition for this proposed subdivision was voiced.

Planning and Zoning conditionally recommended the rezoning request, passing the decision to city staff and City Council.

City Manager Clay Pearson explained that city staff could not recommend approval of the rezoning because the property is not, and was not meant to be, zoned as residential. Much of the acreage is right on the Hwy 35/Main St. frontage area, which is meant for commercial or industrial use as outlined in the Comprehensive Plan, and it is not ideal for a housing development, due to the amount and type of traffic.

Council members largely agreed that the acreage in question needed to include more commercial and/or industrial developments, but that a mixed-use residential/commercial development could work as well.

Council ultimately postponed the rezoning request and the owner’s representative, Alan Mueller, indicated that he would report to the owner to determine how to next move forward.

The second major issue discussed was the renovation planned for the Tom Reid and Westside libraries.

The financing for these renovations came from a bond vote in 2007. In the eight years since that vote, the city has grown and technology has advanced, creating new issues for the city’s libraries.

“The Reid and Westside libraries are consistently number one and number two in the Brazoria County Library System as far as circulation goes,” said Pearson. “These libraries are being used and the Reid library needs updating to better serve the community.”

“I’d like to see more open or meeting space at the Reid library,” said Councilman Keith Ordeneaux. “This proposal goes over budget. I’d like us to stay within the budget, but still give the voters what they want.”

Councilman Scott Sherman pointed out that the 2007 plan was not meant for a 2015 library. “Will this plan meet the community’s needs beyond 2015?” he asked.

Assistant City Manger Trent Epperson indicated that this was a good time to gather more information about available technology packages and meet with Brazoria County.

Council passed the Resolution to enter into a contract with an architectural firm for design services regarding the Reid library, but agreed to discuss the details and the options for use of space at a later date.

“The Westside Library was meant to be temporary,” said Mayor Reid. “We will need to figure out where a permanent library should go. We did not anticipate such huge growth in 2007. The Reid library was meant to serve the 50,000 people that live in the east side. We need to make sure we are doing that.”

Before retiring to Executive Session, the 2014 Fiscal Year Financial Report was presented and approved.

Council also agreed to name the new Fire/EMS Administration Building on Veterans Dr. after David Smith, who was the original founder of the Pearland EMS.

The Financial Report is available for viewing on the City of Pearland website at PearlandTX.gov.

Red Hat Literacy Luncheon March 26

March 26, 2015 10:30 am – 1:00 pm
Knights of Columbus Hall, Pearland
Click here to purchase tickets.

2015 is off to a good start for Pearland. The 12th Annual Red Hat Literacy Luncheon will bring to town Larry Dierker, former Houston Astros Manager and famed pitcher, as the guest speaker. The event will be held on March 26th at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Pearland.

The Adult Reading Center expects to increase the number of guests attending the upcoming luncheon, exceeding the five hundred ladies and gentlemen that attended with their pink and red hats in 2014, helping to raise more than $60,000 to support the Center’s programs. Through community donations and sponsorships, the Center provides instruction free of charge to adults with limited literacy skills who seek to learn English as a second language, to obtain their GED or citizenship, or to acquire computer skills and get a better job. More than that, the Center helps dreams come true; dreams of a better life, of adults who want to be able to help their children with homework, of attending college, or getting a job that helps pay the bills and brings with it dignity and pride.

Become a Red Hat Luncheon Sponsor

Help build momentum for the Red Hat Luncheon by becoming a sponsor now.

Complete the Sponsorship Form online and pay by credit card.

Download the Sponsorship Form in PDF format and send your check and the completed form to:
Adult Reading Center
ATTN: Cecilia Madero
2246 Washington Avenue
Pearland, TX 77581

If you wish to purchase an individual ticket for the Luncheon, return to this website on March 1st when ticket sales begin.

Contact Cecila Madero at 281.485.1000 or cecilia.madero@adultreadingcenter.org for more information.

Pearland Runaway Found Safe

Both the runaway and the suspect from last night’s post have been located in Cameron, Texas which is approximately 155 miles northwest of Pearland.

Emily Lindsey was taken to the Milam County Sheriff’s Office to be released to her parents.

Nicholas Vega was taken to the Milam County Jail for both the Enticing a Child warrant issued from the Pearland Police Department case as well as the charge of Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon for a handgun located in his possession by an officer from the Cameron Police Department.

The Cameron PD officer was assisted on the call by a Milam County Sheriff’s Office Deputy who earlier had recovered Vega’s disabled vehicle near Minerva, TX at approximately 11pm.

Following an unrelated traffic stop conducted by the Milam SO Deputy on SH 77, the Cameron PD officer located the two subjects near the Big Elm Creek bridge. That area is approximately 50 miles from Waco.

Pearland PD case # 15-002335
Cameron PD case # 1503-00997
Milam County SO case # 2015-03-764156

MISSING: Emily Lindsey 3/11/15


MISSING: Emily Lindsey – Pearland, TX (3/11/15)

15 year old, Emily Lindsey was last seen leaving the Chick-fil-A at 1512 Broadway St, in Pearland TX with 23 year old Nick Vega. They left in a 2000 Dark Blue or Black Camaro with TX plate DSF 5538. The drivers side mirror may be red. Emily was wearing blue jeans, brown wedge heals and a blue Superman shirt. If you have seen Emily Lindsey or Nick Vega or have information about his disappearance please call the Pearland PD at 281-997-4100 or Texas Equusearch at 281-309-9500.

Pearland Police Dept. Bulletin 3/2 – 3/8/15


Download the Bulletin HERE.

Public Meeting Re: McHard Rd. March 24


For more information, visit PearlandTX.gov.

Spill Closes Ship Channel Indefinitely

Coast Guard Captain Brian Penoyer addressed the media at a press conference Tuesday (March 10) morning.

Coast Guard Captain Brian Penoyer addressed the media at a press conference Tuesday (March 10) morning.

Coast Guard officials said Tuesday the Houston Ship Channel is expected to remain closed in the foreseeable future from Light 86 to the Fred Hartman Bridge after a chemical tanker and a bulk carrier collided Monday.

Captain Brian Penoyer with the U.S. Coast Guard could not provide a timeline for cleanup and the re-opening of the ship channel because the chemical tanker, a Danish flagged Carla Maersk, had leaked some of its cargo, Methyl tert-butyl ether (MBTE), and human health protection is the priority.

MBTE is a flammable, colorless liquid used as an additive to gasoline that tends to float in water and has a low toxicity level. Its smell, however, is quite strong, and long-term inhalation exposure to MBTE may cause health problems or even death.

“Our focus is to protect the public and right now we are looking at blanketing the MBTE so that it no longer can vaporize into the air. Once that objective is accomplished, we will press on to other objectives,” Penoyer said. “We know that the people who live and work need to get back to business, and that is a high priority for all of us and we’ll address that once the safety concern has been resolved.”

Penoyer also stated that the cleanup would not be quick.

“It is important for everyone to remember that because of the volatility of this cargo, resolving those concerns safely for our responders and for the public may require a significant initial amount of time. People should not expect that we will be able to execute this salvage operation in minutes or hours,” he said.

Penoyer praised the first response team for preventing the majority of the MBTE from being discharged.

“As a responder, what I need to know is where the MBTE is vaporizing in the air and where it is on the water. Our air reconnaissance tells us that,” he said.

“Based on detailed salvage assessment of the vessel overnight, I’m now convinced that we’ve accounted for the vast majority of the cargo, even in the tanks which were impacted. However, because the cargo tank and wing tanks were damaged out at sea, that cargo was mixed with seawater. This cargo dissolves in water.

“Accordingly, this mix of MTBE and salt water is in the ballast tanks of this ship and it is likely that we will never be able to tell you precisely how much went into this salt water mix and how much was released into the environment in total.

“We have found, with the exception of a trace sheen coming from the damaged area, no MTBE on the surface of the water and no detectable concentrations of MTBE in the air around the shoreline communities since about midnight last night,” Penoyer said.

The cause of the collision is under investigation.

“Certainly the Houston Ship Channel and Galveston Bay are among the busiest ports in the world,” said Penoyer.

“This collision occurred while the ships were meeting, one inbound and one outbound. The pilots involved in piloting these vessels are master craftsmen at maneuvering these vessels. These are very large ships operating within a 530-foot wide ship channel.”

A shelter-in-place that had been in effect for residents in Morgan’s Point was lifted overnight, but the Coast Guard urged area residents to stay tuned to local television and radio stations in case of a change in the situation.

This was the second ship collision in the channel in less than a week. On Thursday (Mar. 5), a 445-foot tanker and 892-foot container ship collided approximately 15 miles north of Galveston. No injuries or damage were reported.

Federal, state and local agencies and responders continue to work to ensure public safety as they respond to the spill, which happened at Morgan’s Point.

The Barbours Cut Terminal did not open as normally scheduled at Tuesday as a precautionary measure. Air quality monitoring has determined that fumes are present, but they are below toxic levels. Air monitoring is currently taking place throughout the area and is being facilitated by local jurisdictions.

There are 26 ships waiting to come inbound to Houston and 14 waiting to leave. The Coast Guard is working to help ensure that the remaining product in the ship is safely secured in order to begin reopening the ship channel.

A safety zone has been established from the Fred Hartman Bridge to light 86 on the Houston Ship Channel and includes Goose Creek, Tabbs Bay, Cedar Bayou Channel and Barbours Cut.

At 12:41 p.m. Monday watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Houston-Galveston received a report of the collision between the Carla Maersk, a 600-foot chemical tanker, and the Conti Peridot, a 623-foot bulk carrier, which resulted in a puncture to three of the Carla Maersk’s port tanks. The chemical tanker was carrying approximately 216,000 barrels of Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether prior to the collision.

An incident command post has been established at the City of La Porte Emergency Operations Center to further response efforts. Additional information will be released as it becomes available.

Tanker-Freighter Collision Closes Ship Channel

A two- to three-mile section of the Houston Ship Channel is closed from Morgan’s Point to Light 86 in Galveston after two vessels collided around 12:40 p.m. Monday (March 9).

According to Petty Officer Andy Kendrick with the U.S. Coast Guard, a chemical tanker, Carla Maersk, carrying 216,000 gallons of Methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MBTE), a gasoline additive, struck a bulk freighter, Conti Peridot, near Morgan’s Point and began leaking.

MBTE is a flammable, colorless liquid that tends to float in water and has a low toxicity level. Its smell, however, is quite strong, and long-term inhalation exposure to MBTE may cause health problems or even death.

There is a shelter-in-place in effect for Morgan’s Point, meaning that area residents should move indoors and stay there until further notice.

The Coast Guard is investigating the cause of the collision. No injuries have been reported.

Updates will be posted as they are received.

Brazoria County Day Features Shrimp and Advocacy

logoThe State Capitol was overtaken by 1,500 pounds of shrimp for the 42nd consecutive year on Tuesday (March 3), keeping with the “World’s Largest Shrimp Cocktail” tradition that has accompanied Brazoria County Day since its inception.

Brazoria County Day in Austin was established in 1973 by a few Brazosport Chamber of Commerce board members to show support for and to the county’s Representatives and Senators in Austin, while at the same time exposing Brazoria County to all legislators and its location on the Texas Gulf Coast.

“This year, we hope to have been effective at advocating the concerns on behalf of Brazoria County, such as equal representation in the Gulf Coast Water Authority Board, opposition to the proposed property value tax cap reductions from 8% to 4%, and approval and funding for the Hwy. 288 toll road project,” said Steering Committee Co-Chair and Pearland City Councilman Greg Hill.

Brazoria County Day has evolved into one of the most attended events of the legislative session.

State Senators representing the county are Joan Huffman (District 17) and Larry Taylor (District 11). The county’s State Representatives are Dennis Bonnen (District 25) and Ed Thompson (District 29).

For more information, visit BrazoriaCountyDay.org.

The "World's Largest Shrimp Cocktail"

The “World’s Largest Shrimp Cocktail”