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Silvercreek Most Creative Decorations Winner

DecorationsWinner (1)

Congratulations to The Leonard Family on Shady Grove Drive for “Most Creative!”

Santa loves to fish!

Happy Holidays!



Pearland subdivision hosts Santa Claus

The Silvercreek subdivision, located at CR 94 and CR 59, had their Holiday Lights with Santa annual event on Friday (Dec. 4).

Resident Jim Zemski represented Santa Claus, since the real Santa is busy in the North Pole. Zemski’s son, Tom, acted as Head Elf. The Zemskis handed out trinkets to all the kids at their own expense, representing the giving attitude of the neighborhood.

“It’s so nice to just go down the road to see Santa,” said one of the residents. “I don’t have to hassle with long lines in the mall and I get to visit with neighbors I haven’t seen in a while.”

Approximately 100 residents came out to the event, which is sponsored every year by the Silvercreek HOA and Community Management Company.

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Silvercreek Yard of the Month – August, 2015

August15 YoM

Congratulations to Jerry and Lisa Walker of West Wing Dr. for winning August’s Yard of the Month in Silvercreek!

Silvercreek’s Yard of the Month – July, 2015


Congratulations to the Anderson family on Apple Grove Dr.! They have won Silvercreek’s Yard of the Month for July, 2015!

Todd and Raquel Anderson moved to Silvercreek with their two sons in May of 2010. Todd has been in law enforcement for 22 years and Raquel teaches in the Alvin ISD school system.

Their favorite thing about Silvercreek is the, “Most amazing, friendly neighbors. We have cul-de-sac parties and kids’ playdates. We love this very close and friendly community. It is an honor to be chosen as yard of the month!”

Congratulations and enjoy your gift cards!

Congratulations to Silvercreek’s Yard of the Month Winners!


Congratulations to Lang and Lieu Nguyen of Canyon Bluff Dr., Silvercreek’s Yard of the Month winners!

Lang Nguyen and his wife Lieu have lived in Silvercreek since October, 2003. They moved from Maryland to relocate and find the beautiful house which they live in now.

Before they moved to Texas, Lang was a Bilingual English-Vietnamese Interviewer. He had received intensive training in conducting telephone interviews in English and Vietnamese for CHIS, a health study about the health of the people of California and what problems they face in getting health care and health insurance.

Lang was a volunteer at S. Hospital Emergency Room in Rockville, Maryland. He provided interpretation services for Vietnamese patients and physicians/staff, contributed to more efficient patient care and conducted telephone interviews with Vietnamese-speaking patients regarding their medical conditions and physical symptoms.

Lang also was the President/CEO of Advertising and Commercial Photographic Services In Bethesda, Maryland for 26 years. With technology changing his profession, Lang started exploring options to work from home.

The Nguyens’ goal was to close their photography business and leave the Washington D.C. area after their two daughters finished college. The oldest is now an Associate Professor of Psychology at Ball State University in Indiana. She has 2 children. The younger one is an incredible artist and school teacher in Maryland.

Since their daughters graduated from college, the Nguyens were able to move closer to their family and friends in Texas.

They now work from home part-time, using the Internet to expand their online business.

They say their favorite thing about Silvercreek is, “How friendly it is! Our neighbors wave to us every time they walk or drive by!”

Silvercreek’s Yard of the Month

Congratulations to Silvercreek’s Yard of the Month winners!

3702 Quiet Falls Dr.

3702 Quiet Falls Dr.

Ten years ago, John, Tahnee and Jacob Koch moved to Silvercreek from Austin. They enjoy the neighborhood and have made good friends. John and Tahnee both work in Houston and Jacob is a sophomore at St. Thomas High School, where he plays baseball.

Vehicle Break-Ins Reported in Silvercreek

Silvercreek residents, take heed. Several residents have reported that their vehicles have been broken into at night and various items taken.

If you experience theft or witness anything suspicious, call Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office at 281-756-2392.

The best way to prevent this is to park your vehicles in the garage. If this is not possible, please follow these vehicle safety tips:

  • Lock your doors

While this piece of advice should be a no-brainer, up to a quarter of vehicle thefts are from unlocked cars, according to some law enforcement agencies. Even if you’re running into the store for a Coke, that’s too long to leave your vehicle’s contents open for the taking. Simply locking the doors will deter those who might just be waiting around for an easy target.

  • Keep it tidy

Almost any worthless personal item that’s visible from the outside — even an empty shopping bag — could be seen as a valuable or a carrier of valuables. If you have a wagon or SUV that leaves your cargo area on display, consider getting a cover. Most of these vehicles can be fitted with inexpensive retractable covers to help keep shopping bags or other belongings out of sight.

  • Conceal all the evidence

Don’t leave any bait out for thieves; stow your electronics and accessories well out of sight-or better yet, bring it with you. The evidence alone might be enough to pique the interest of thieves, so hide that too, including power plugs, telltale iPod adapters, or nav-system windshield suction-cup mounts, and even put the cigarette lighter back in place.

  • Stash before — not after — you park

Get in the habit of putting shopping bags in the trunk right when you return to the vehicle, rather than after you park at the next place. According to National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) spokesman Frank Scafidi, thieves sometimes linger in busy parking lots looking for valuables being moved out of sight. Don’t display to them what you have.

  • Completely close windows and sunroofs

No, it’s not just because thieves might reach in through the gap and open your locks with a coat hanger. Open windows will disable the pressure sensor in some car alarms, leaving the vehicle more vulnerable to break-in and potentially giving thieves more time before the alarm sounds.

  • Get an alarm

If you don’t have an alarm system, get one. The noise alone may be enough to scare away an inexperienced thief and prevent the break-in. Factory-option alarm systems are generally best, but a carefully installed, properly calibrated aftermarket system can provide just as much safety. Beware, many less-expensive new cars have remote entry but not a true alarm.

  • Stick with the original audio system

Thefts of car audio components are on the decline, but having an aftermarket system still makes a car more attractive to thieves thinking of breaking in. There’s no black market to speak of for factory stereos, and they’ve become much better sounding in recent years.

  • Park for visibility

Park in a busy, well-lit area, and avoid concealment from larger vehicles, fences, or foliage. Except for the most brazen thieves, the greater the chances are that someone might see a crime in progress, the lower the chances are that the potential thief will attempt it.

  • Get physical

A significant portion of vehicles are broken into with the intent of stealing the vehicle itself, so combining several visible simple, inexpensive physical theft deterrents like steering wheel locks (The Club), steering column collars, or brake pedal locks may discourage the would-be thief from breaking in and trying.

  • Layer your defenses

That’s the strategy recommended by the NICB; layers include warning devices such as alarms, wheel etching, or decals; immobilizers; and even tracking systems (LoJack is one). “None of them are foolproof, but if they’re used in tandem they can really keep the chances down,” agrees Loretta Worters, vice president of the Insurance Information Institute.

Source: CNN

MUD 6 Dedicates Park to Medal of Honor Recipient

Brazoria County Combined Honor Guard representative Harry Gaul and Clarence Sasser

Brazoria County Combined Honor Guard representative Harry Gaul and Clarence Sasser

The MUD 6 Board of Directors, consisting of Rick King, Richard Skotak, Erich Bell, Mike Haney and L’Sheryl Hudson, hosted a dedication ceremony for the Clarence E. Sasser Park, located on Southfork Dr. and Jeske Rd., Saturday (Nov. 15).

Clarence Sasser is the recipient of a Medal of Honor for Valor, which is the highest award that can be given to a soldier, and is usually presented posthumously because the actions that merit this honor usually cost the soldier his or her life. He currently resides in Rosharon.

Sasser served as an Army Specialist Combat Medic during the Vietnam War. After a U.S. helicopter crashed, he dragged a wounded GI to cover. He ran back to render aid to others, despite heavy enemy fire from three sides. Sasser was hit in his shoulder and both legs, but dragged himself over to his brothers to help, refusing medical attention, in spite of experiencing blood loss and extreme pain. He remained there for five hours.

Sasser received his medal from President Richard Nixon on March 7, 1969 at the White House.

After the Presentation of Colors by the Brazoria County Combined Honor Guard and singing the National Anthem, MUD 6 President Rick King took the stage.

“Like I was saying to some folks before the festivities, having a living Medal of Honor winner is very rare,” said King.

“In other words, the actions that someone takes to earn that medal usually results in giving their lives when they’re taking care of someone else. It’s an honor to have [Sasser] here today, not only to put a face to a name, but to be able to say thank you.”

After reading Sasser’s citation, King introduced the guest of honor.

“It’s a good day for a dedication,” Sasser joked, referring to the gray, cold weather. “There’s no sweat running down anyone’s face.

I want to thank each and every one of you for coming out for this occasion. I categorize it as giving me flowers before I go in a wooden box,” he added.

Sasser Park was created from a large detention pond designed to give flood relief to the area neighborhoods, including Silvercreek, Fieldstone and Silverlake. It features a pavilion, barbecue pits, play structures, a soccer field, a baseball diamond and a jogging trail.

“I like the park. It’s a very picturesque park, meant to serve particular neighborhoods and we need more of them around town. They are useful when we get those downpours that we do. Having the baseball field, the soccer field and whatever else families use is what I call ‘grassroots.’ I like to think of myself as a grassroots type of person,” said Sasser.

“People always ask me about the Medal of Honor. They always ask why. Well, somebody had to do something or we were all going to die. When something has to be done, I think it falls on your shoulders to do it. You have to look at it from the point of how it was. We ate together, we slept together, we played cards and dominoes together. They’re your guys. The rest of the company had either been killed or wounded in action so somebody had to do something. When you’re faced with that situation, step up and do it. Don’t shrink back. I would personally rather die trying to do something than laying there cowering in fear,” said Sasser.

There are 79 Medal of Honor recipients still living in the U.S. from World War II, Vietnam, Korea and the more recent wars in the Middle East.

According to the Congressional Medal of Honor Society website, the Navy Medal of Honor was the first one established.

“On December 9, 1861 Iowa Senator James W. Grimes introduced S. No. 82 in the United States Senate, a bill designed to ‘promote the efficiency of the Navy’ by authorizing the production and distribution of ‘medals of honor.’ On December 21st the bill was passed, authorizing 200 such medals be produced ‘which shall be bestowed upon such petty officers, seamen, landsmen and marines as shall distinguish themselves by their gallantry in action and other seamanlike qualities during the present war (Civil War).’ President Lincoln signed the bill and the (Navy) Medal of Honor was born.

Two months later on February 17, 1862, Massachusetts Senator Henry Wilson introduced a similar bill, this one to authorize ‘the President to distribute medals to privates in the Army of the United States who shall distinguish themselves in battle.’ When President Abraham Lincoln signed S.J.R. No. 82 on July 12, 1862, the Army Medal of Honor was born.”

The dedication ceremony concluded with fanfare and attendees, including newly elected County Commissioner Ryan Cade, took advantage of the barbecue lunch provided by Joe’s Barbecue in Alvin, the bounce houses, popcorn and cotton candy provided by Manvel Moonwalks and the many amenities of Clarence E. Sasser Park.

For more information on the Congressional Medals of Honor, visit To learn more about Brazoria County MUD 6, visit

Source: The Pearland Journal

Silvercreek’s National Night Out Provides Residents with Fun, Fellowship

Texas’s National Night Out was held Tuesday, Oct 7 and the new NNO Committee did not disappoint.

The introduction of National Night Out, “America’s Night Out Against Crime”, in 1984 began an effort to promote involvement in crime prevention activities, police-community partnerships, neighborhood camaraderie and send a message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back. This message came through loud and clear in the parking lot of the Silvercreek pool/tennis court complex.

Sponsored by Target Silverlake, who provided volunteers, food, drinks and fun, over 350 residents came out to enjoy the fun. Other sponsors included Games2U, Sam’s Club, Keller Williams, Killum Pest Control, A&A Cleaning Services, Big Star Ford, Papa John’s, Frost Bank, Mighty Bounce Moonwalks, AT&T, Associa Management and Neighbors Emergency Centers.

DJ Damon D kept the music bumping while the crowd investigated a Manvel fire truck, brought by Manvel Fire Chief Steve DelBello, chatted with Lt. P.J. Trotta of Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office, took a look at a Pearland EMS vehicle, a Pearland Fire Department fire truck and checked out a Pearland Police Department truck that was confiscated from a local meth dealer, driven by Officer Daniel Hamminga.

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The National Night Out Committee would like to thank Kevin Simmons with Target Silverlake for making the party phenomenal! And Silvercreek would like to thank National Night Out Committee Chair Gloria Dearth for working so hard to coordinate things to pull this bash off! You rock, Gloria! Thanks to NNO Committee members Melissa Henry and Andrew Pikoff, too! Great job, guys!

Silvercreek HOA Annual Meeting Held Sept 24

The Silvercreek HOA Board of Directors kicked off the Annual Meeting last night (Sept 24) with introductions.


(L-R) Community Manager Leslie Baldwin, Secretary/Treasurer Stephen Bonczek, Vice President Brandon Paradelas, President Loren Kool, Director Pat Rogers and Director Pete Comeaux

Community Manager Leslie Baldwin then presented Bryant Bremer, who lost his Silvercreek home in a fire caused by lightning in April, with a check for $2500. These funds came from the “Associa Cares” Program. Associa/PMG Houston is Silvercreek’s management company. Bremer thanked everyone who has helped his family in the past few months. “The outpouring of support was just amazing,” he said.

Bryant Bremer and one of his two daughters

Bryant Bremer and one of his two daughters

Manvel Mayor Delores Martin gave residents some facts about Manvel ETJ, in which Silvercreek is located. The ETJ (Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction) is currently made up of Silvercreek (748 homes), Rodeo Palms (1800 homes), Sedona Lakes (854 homes), and two more subdivisions that are in progress (Pomona – 183 homes and Lakeland). Martin said that the tax rate stays low in the ETJ and the City of Manvel because, “I don’t believe in citizens paying for new growth.” She also mentioned that the now-vacant Eddie’s Country Ballroom may be turned into a park if she can negotiate a donation from the owners. Martin said that she has been requesting that a couple of acres per subdivision be donated to the City for fire/EMS substations and that water/sewer lines be installed along Highway 6. “We need a grocery store!” she said. Mayor Martin also addressed the issue of apartments being built. “The zoning in the city keeps apartments out. But they are allowed in Manvel ETJ,” she said. “There’s not much I can do about that.”

Martin closed her remarks with a story. “I received a letter from a 7 year-old boy whose house had been robbed,” she said. “He asked me if I could hire more police men and women to keep the bad guys out. That’s what I am trying to do. I want to honor my promise,” she said with tears in her eyes. Martin has served as the mayor for 13 years and is known for answering her own phone. “If you want to do a job, do it well or don’t do it at all,” she said. Residents gave Mayor Martin a hearty ovation and thanked her for all she’s doing.

Manvel Mayor Delores Martin

Manvel Mayor Delores Martin

Precinct 2 County Commissioner Matt Sebesta was on hand to give residents an update on Brazoria County’s growth. He reported that there is currently $22.64 billion dollars in private investments, most of it going to the oil and gas pipeline business. “The City of Quintana is the smallest city in Texas,” he said. “They are now building a $13.5 billion export facility for oil and gas.” Sebesta said that there will be up to 15,000 new construction jobs created by this influx of growth. “Toll lanes will be built on the grassy median in between the existing north and southbound lanes,” he said. “Brazoria and Harris Counties are working so that both sections will be finished about the same time.”

Sebesta also addressed the mosquito problem. “The mosquitoes around here have not tested positive for West Nile. We have had one case in Brazoria County, but the bugs that are testing positive have been found in Alvin and East Pearland,” he said. Sebesta suggested that residents visit the Brazoria County website to request service from Mosquito Control. The direct link is He reported that the county has 14 trucks and 3 planes that spray regularly when the mosquito population increases. “Spraying should cut down on the mosquitoes, but it’s not going to eliminate them completely,” he added. Silvercreek has its own trucks, which spray 3-4 times per week, depending on how bad the mosquitoes are. Homeowners are also encouraged to spray around their own properties.

Sebesta ended his presentation by introducing Ryan Cade, who is running for County Commissioner in the November elections. Sebesta is seeking a County Judge position, as he has served as Commissioner since 2007.

Sheriff Charles Wagner encouraged residents to call Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) if they see anything that looks unusual. “We’d rather send someone out and it be nothing than not be aware of something,” he said. The number to call to report suspicious activity to BCSO is 281-756-2392. “I’ve told my guys to patrol the neighborhoods, not the highway,” Wagner said. “I’d rather them catch a burglar than write a ticket.”

A resident asked Wagner about the problem with Cobblestone Apartments residents parking in Silvercreek. “There’s nothing we can do about that,” Wagner replied. BCSO’s “No Parking” signs on CR 94 have been very effective, but since Silvercreek is private property, they can’t make people move their vehicles.

Brazoria County Sheriff Charles Wagner

Brazoria County Sheriff Charles Wagner

Manvel Fire Chief Steve DelBello reported that they have had 77 calls from the area so far in 2014, including two fires that were caused by lightning in Silvercreek. While one home was lost, the other was spared because the fire started in the attic. “We had that one out in about 5 minutes,” he said. DelBello added that he is advocating for another station near Croix Park and another full-time employee so that someone will be at the station 24 hours a day.

Chief DelBello also addressed the problems some residents have had with their insurance companies. “We are still at ISO 4. If your insurance company claims otherwise, call the state ISO number,” he said. ISO is a company that issues a rating based on property and casualty risk. The higher the number, the more costly the insurance. In 2008, Silvercreek’s rating was ISO 9. Thanks to new substations in and around Manvel, that number has decreased to ISO 4. Residents may call 512-440-9903 if they have any issues with their ISO rating.

Manvel Fire Chief Steve DelBello

Manvel Fire Chief Steve DelBello

HOA President Loren Kool went over some community highlights, including the recent revamping of the pool, the community monuments, new landscaping and the switch to LED lights in the common areas. Because a quorum was not reached, residents could not vote on the Director position that Pete Comeaux currently holds and hopes to keep holding. Residents who are unable to attend next month’s meeting on October 22 at Big Star Ford are encouraged to mail, fax or email their proxy forms so that the vote can take place. 75 residents are needed to reach a quorum; 57 were in attendance at the meeting. Proxy forms will be mailed out again before the October meeting. Kool encouraged all homeowners to return their forms or attend the next meeting in person so that the Director position may be filled in a timely fashion. Kool also reminded residents that their HOA dues have not been raised at all in the past 7 years.

Silvercreek HOA President Loren Kool

Silvercreek HOA President Loren Kool

HOA Secretary/Treasurer Stephen Bonczek gave a report on Silvercreek’s financials. The community is still operating “in the black” by about $50,000, and there is no need to increase HOA dues. Bonczek went over the cost of two recent major projects: Pool improvements – $300,000 and new monuments – $12,000. “We don’t take on any projects we cannot afford,” he said. Future projects include the resurfacing of the tennis courts to “US Open” blue and the possibility of revisiting installing a brick wall along CR 94, replacing the existing wooden fences. “We have looked into that before,” Bonczek said. “The bids we got were all close to $1 million.”

HOA Secretary/Treasurer Stephen Bonczek

HOA Secretary/Treasurer Stephen Bonczek

A resident asked about the “official” website for Silvercreek. Community Manager Leslie Baldwin reminded homeowners that the management company’s website is She also encouraged attendees to register for the subdivision’s official communication tool, VOLO Village. This service allows the management company to communicate instantly with homeowners via text, email and/or telephone. Homeowners must go to the VOLO Village website and OPT-IN to receive this service. The website address to sign up is VOLO also sends automatic weather updates and offers a private number that residents may call to receive any important information they missed. Silvercreek’s private number is 855-459-1617 and is in operation 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Other helpful links and information may be found on the Silvercreek Tribune‘s “Silvercreek Info” page at The Silvercreek Tribune is not associated with any HOA or government organization, including the Silvercreek HOA.

HOA Vice-President Brandon Paradelas reported on the upcoming Lighting of the Lights event during the holidays. “We plan to extend the lights further back past the clubhouse and sewage treatment facility this year,” he said. Last year, Silvercreek switched to money-saving LED lights, which allowed for adding more this year. The Lighting of the Lights/Wine and Cheese/Santa’s Visit event will be held on December 6, 2014 starting at 7:00pm

HOA Vice President Brandon Paradelas

HOA Vice President Brandon Paradelas

Director Pat Rogers asked for homeowners to feel free to nominate their neighbors for Yard of the Month next summer. These awards are given during the months of May, June, July and August. Each winner receives a gift card and the Yard of the Month sign is placed in his or her yard for the entire month. To nominate someone, call Pat at 281-489-5028 or email her at

HOA Director and Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Chairperson Pete Comeaux gave a report on this recently-formed group, which includes neighbors Laurie Nichols and Tami Johnson. “We try hard to turn a request around in a week,” he said. “It used to take up to 90 days to get an answer about a request, and we thought that was ridiculous.” One issue that Comeaux addressed was resident fencing. “Residents may repair their fences at the same height and style as the existing fencing without ACC approval,” he said. “Any changes in color, paint, height or style need to go through our committee.” To download an ACC request form, click here.

HOA Director and ACC Chairperson Pete Comeaux

HOA Director and ACC Chairperson Pete Comeaux

There was no report from the Neighborhood Watch Committee except to announce the resignation of Chairperson Stacey Glaesmann and to ask for a volunteer to step up and fill the position. Interested parties may email Stacey at to learn more about the position.

National Night Out Committee Chairperson Gloria Dearth reported that everything is on track for a great event on October 7 starting at 6:00pm by the community pool and tennis courts. Volunteers are still needed. Interested parties may contact Gloria at

National Night Out Committee Chairperson Gloria Dearth

National Night Out Committee Chairperson Gloria Dearth

Finally, the Grand Prize of the night, a Galaxy Tab 4 donated by Texas Landscape Group, was won by neighbor and National Night Out Committee member Andrew Pikoff.

Neighbor Andrew Pikoff with the grand prize, a Galaxy Tab 4

Neighbor Andrew Pikoff with the grand prize, a Galaxy Tab 4

For more information, contact Prinicpal Management Group of Houston, 11000 Corporate Centre Drive, Suite 150, Houston, TX  77041. The main number is 713-329-7100 and is answered 24 hours a day/7 days a week. The fax number is 713-329-7198. The website may be found at Silvercreek’s Community Manager is Leslie Baldwin, CMCA, AMS.