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Pearland Connect – April 2016

Pearland Connect is the communications vehicle that the City of Pearland is using to keep you informed. We do our best to provide you with the information you want and need and we want to hear from you. We welcome your input via email.

Come take a walk on the City’s new Nature Trail

trailThe John Hargrove Environmental Complex trail located at 5800 Magnolia Road is now open. The grant-funded project includes a 1.7-mile recreational nature trail, sidewalk connections, trailhead signage and nine additional parking spaces at the Stella Roberts Recycling Center.

Project construction began in December 2015 with trail subgrade preparation and drainage designed to ensure the trail is stable and sustainable for many years.

For more information, log on to pearlandtx.gov.

Old Town Site “Quiet Zone” in effect

Old Town Site may be quieter than you remember as Quiet Zones are now in effect. The Quiet Zone, established by the Federal Railroad Administration, states that locomotive horns are not required within highway-rail grade crossings equipped with Supplemental Safety Measures or Alternative Safety Measures or crossings that have a Quiet Zone Risk Index at or below the Nationwide Significant Risk Threshold. Read more on Quiet Zones on the City’s website.

Safe Exchange Zone initiative aims to keep residents safe 

xchangeThe City of Pearland is now offering a secure location for Pearland residents to help ensure and enhance their safety and to minimize the opportunity for an encounter to go wrong for internet-based purchases from websites such as Craigslist and eBay.

This initiative attempts to address safety and awareness concerns. Visit the Police Department webpage to read more.

Delores Fenwick Nature Center design moves forward

fenwickDesign will soon be underway for the Delores Fenwick Nature Center, an educational facility coming to the John Hargrove Environmental Center. 

The complex, located at 5800 Magnolia, houses the Stella Roberts Recycling Center, John Hargrove Environmental Center and the newly completed nature trail system. Read more on the the facility.

Do your part to help reduce pollutants

The City’s Stormwater Management Plan deals with ways to improve its surface water quality through the use of various Best Management Practices. 

Residents can help to reduce chemical, biological and physical pollutants from the ground and storm sewer system by employing the practices used by the City.

Learn how you can help at pearlandtx.gov/stormwater.


ShowImage (1)Join the City of Pearland and Keep Pearland Beautiful for a free and fun event to celebrate Earth Day on Saturday, April 23, 2016 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event is being held at the Pearland Recreation Center & Natatorium located at 4141 Bailey Road. Free parking and complimentary shuttles available from Turner Career and College High School, 4717 Bailey Road.

There will be activities for the kids, local food vendors, outdoor yoga, the Zoo-mobile, and information about ways you can be a part of the solution and reduce your carbon footprint. Vendors will be on hand with information about services and products that can help your family live healthier and sustainably, while saving money and conserving natural resources. Bring your family, friends and neighbors to be a part of the fun and help make a difference in our community and for the environment!

“Through events like Earth Day, the City of Pearland and Keep Pearland Beautiful are able to educate the community on the importance of taking care of our Earth and developing and maintaining good conservation habits,” said Chris Orlea, City of Pearland Parks & Recreation Director.

For more information on this event or other City of Pearland Parks and Recreation events, visit pearlandparks.com.

Capital Bank wins Business Beautification Award


Representatives of Capital Bank East Pearland (L-R): Julie Garza, Mary Teutsch, Cindy Partida, Sherry Cooley and Dianna Watson recently accepted KPB Award

The April 2016 Keep Pearland Beautiful Business Beautification Award was recently awarded to Capital Bank East Pearland on Broadway.

Capital bank has a history of maintaining a colorful landscaping.  They have recently changed out their flowering plants to sun loving begonias.

A committee made up of board members, volunteers and staff members nominates establishments with good landscaping practices that improve the appearance of our community.

KPB runs this program with the support of businesses like ADDI Printing & Promotions LLC.  If you wish to help sponsor this program and have your logo put on our sign please call our office at 281-652-1659.  Learn more about KPB programs on our website: www.mykpb.org.

Celebrate Earth Day with KPB April 23


For more information, click HERE.


Save the Date for KPB’s Speakeasy Party on June 25



Hargrove Grand Opening Rescheduled to March 23


Pearland Community Appearance Index Changes Little from 2015

CAI Group Cropped

Fay Watson, Joe Escobar, Garvis Fenwick, Helen Beckman, Delores Fenwick, Dorman Davidson, Janet Eastburn and Andrew Miller

On March 5, 2016 Keep Pearland Beautiful coordinated the annual Community Appearance Index, one of the requirements to maintain its affiliation with Keep America Beautiful. Riding around the city in a van, a team of staff and volunteers scored specific areas to determine the amount of litter in Pearland. They used a scale of one (1) to four (4) with one meaning no litter, two equaling slightly littered, three meaning littered and four being extremely littered. When the survey is finished, the individual scores are averaged to give an overall score. This year Pearland scored a 1.425 changing very little from last year’s score of 1.464.  Making Pearland a lightly littered city.

In addition to scoring each area, team members (Andrew Miller, Joe Escobar, Dorman Davidson, Fay Watson, Delores & Garvis Fenwick, Janet Eastburn and Helen Beckman) wrote down notable conditions in each area, such as discarded tires, junk vehicles, high weeds, etc. Keep Pearland Beautiful uses this information to determine areas that need special attention by community cleanup groups or community service workers.  KPB also scored two different indices one for bandit signs and one for graffiti.  The bandit sign index was slightly higher than last year 1.56 versus 1.22.  Indicating to KPB staff the need to help update and recruit volunteers for the Eyes of Pearland.

Volunteers with the Eyes of Pearland assist City Code Enforcement officers by providing information about city codes violations through windshield surveys. As a volunteer with this code compliance assistance program, you will help us protect the value of homes and quality of life in the community by inspecting neighborhoods and the surrounding areas.  You will help us uphold community standards in the following areas:

  • Removal of illegal signs from public right-of-ways and the identification of banners without permits

  • Fencing regulations

  • Weeds or overgrown vegetation, which are health hazards and harbor pests

  • Junked vehicles to the police department to reduce neighborhood blight

  • Trash violations and solid waste being placed out for collection too early

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer with Eyes of Pearland please send KPB an email (info@mykpb.org) and we will notify you when the next Eyes of Pearland volunteer orientation is scheduled.

Because people tend to litter where trash has already accumulated, KPB believes it is important to have periodic community cleanups such as the Don’t Mess with Texas Trash-Off, scheduled for April 2 at 7:30 a.m. For more information about all Keep Pearland Beautiful litter prevention programs send us an email at info@mykpb.org or call the office at 281-652-1659.